Ellie Shepehrd

Richard Higginbottom photo book talk

A session carried out by Richard with much helpful information regarding the processes involved while making a photo book, section one of the talk involved taking a look at a selection of different photo books already produced to a professional standard, these were from both previous students and working practitioners. Richard discussed the thought processes that would need to be involved to create a book that would fit with the themes of different works and how slight changes in the book such as the weight of the paper can create a different feel to the final outcome of the work. There were various places suggested for printing and binding of the final product, this was extremely helpful. The second section involved a refresher on the production of the photo book before printing how to use InDesign, involving how to send work to an external printer in the correct way through using a package. On the whole, this was a useful morning as a refresher of information and also new information that will be considered.

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