Ellie Shepehrd

Online 1-1 with Rachel Brown


I was lucky enough to be selected for a 1-1 tutorial session with Rachel Brown Photo Director of Harpers Bazar. Throughout I showed my work and explained the context behind it. Ways in which I could sequence my work were discussed and she was also able to advise me of various books and practitioners that may be relevant to my work. We also deliberated various paths that I could take my work down throughout the COVID-19 Crisis, as I don’t have access to models she suggested playing with the idea of self-portraiture.  

Shooting work from home

Following the COVID-19 crisis it unfortunately means that my time within university has been cut short due to the safety of everyone at university. This also means I am no longer able to use facilities such as the studio which is the environment in which I usually produce my work. Due to this in order to create new work I needed to improvise and work with what I was able to access. Luckily, I had access to a studio light, light stand and a camera, so I was able to create a ‘studio’ as such at home after ordering coloured card and sticking sheets together to create a background I was set to go. Only being able to use one light for this was a challenge in order to achieve the same style as I usually shoot, this being said with post production the photos turned out well given the circumstances. 

Richard Higginbottom photo book talk

A session carried out by Richard with much helpful information regarding the processes involved while making a photo book, section one of the talk involved taking a look at a selection of different photo books already produced to a professional standard, these were from both previous students and working practitioners. Richard discussed the thought processes that would need to be involved to create a book that would fit with the themes of different works and how slight changes in the book such as the weight of the paper can create a different feel to the final outcome of the work. There were various places suggested for printing and binding of the final product, this was extremely helpful. The second section involved a refresher on the production of the photo book before printing how to use InDesign, involving how to send work to an external printer in the correct way through using a package. On the whole, this was a useful morning as a refresher of information and also new information that will be considered.

Using Format