Ellie Shepehrd

Pablo Antoli Studio Master Class

During innovation week, I had the pleasure of attending a masterclass hosted by Pablo Antoli. The session was a nice insight into how as photographer he managed his workflow, showing how he manages images through Capture One and how he efficiently works on set to a professional standard. Taking a look at the equipment he uses, he also gave the class an insight into how to work with what you’ve got, what items you should invest in more and compromise with others as a photographer entering the industry. Overall the session was enjoyable and helpful for myself and all who attended. 

Hepworth Gallery Wakefield.


Bill Brandt / Henry Moore: In Detail 

A trip to the Hepworth gallery gave me an insight into different ways in which I would be able to present my work.  This particular exhibition ‘Bill Brandt / Henry Moore: In Detail’ had many different variations of displays, from sequenced work in glass cabinets, to stand alone images framed and mounted to the wall some with borders placed within the frames and others having photos flushed fully to the edge creating more impact. This Exhibition helped me to think about the ways in which I want to present my work at my final Exhibition. 

Arpita Shah impressions gallery

While on display at Bradford’s Impressions gallery I visited the exhibition of ‘Nalini’ curated by Arpita Shah. The work began as the artist realised she knew very little about her grandmother’s life therefore the projects is grounded upon the artist looking into her grandmother, who she was when she was younger and the way her life was lead. It was helpful to visit an exhibition as I was able to see different options of how work can be displayed and this particular exhibition displayed work in various different ways. The exhibition made me reflect upon the ways in which I could display my work differently than I had done previously. 

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