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Sebah Chaudray Guest Lecture


Sebah Chaudray Guest Lecture 

Sebah a creative producer who has worked with photo festivals such as Rhubarb-Rhubarb international festival, Foto-Fest, Format festival and many more – Sebah is successful in her sector and has travelled the world providing her expertise for photographic festivals. Throughout the talk Sebah provided extremely useful information on how to display work in a portfolio format, she discussed what looks professional while also serving its purpose of it being easy to use for the viewer of the work. On the whole, an extremely helpful lecture.    

Jack Latham guest lecture

 A guest lecture given by Jack Latham in which he discussed his latest body of work ‘Parliament of owls’ the project displays his exploration of the private elite men’s club ‘bohemian grove’ of Northern California, in which he investigated conspiracy theories relating to the group set in a 3000-acre forest. The series of photographs were shot using large format and included landscapes, portraits and more. Latham’s project also incorporates the use of archival photography and videography from other previous investigations into the elite group.   

Stephanie Wynne Guest Lecture


Stephanie Wynne guest lecture

A guest lecture from Stephanie Wynne in which she discussed her professional practice within architectural photography which originated from her early professional practice within town planning. Stephanie provided excellent expert advice and guidance in how to make a freelance business work and how to continue to receive work through previous jobs. Overall a fantastic talk with a lot useful information.  

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