Ellie Shepehrd

Stedliik Museum


Courts, Dana Lixenberg

Dana Lixenberg exhibits her documentary
consisting of both Photography and Videography. The 69-minute-long film, which
was produced following a previous long-term photographic project curated by
Lixenberg between 1993 – 2015. The documentary follows the normality of day to
day lives of various generations and various individuals living within the
Imperial Courts, Watts, LA social housing project after this location had been
the central point of many riots in 1992. Having had the presence of Lixenberg
in the community for a previous project she curated, subjects featured
throughout the documentary presented as being more relaxed and true to theirselves. The work was presented on three Large Cinematic style screens with
staggered starts to each and all containing different subjects at all times. 

Foam Photography Museum



An interesting Photography show exhibiting current work from multiple Photographers. Based primarily on fashion, although the pieces throughout the show were not conventional fashion works, what was displayed were a challenge on the stereotypical fashion and beauty standards seen so frequently and how people use fashion to express the person that they are on an everyday basis. An invigorating celebration to empower all races, ages, genders; all people. It was also interesting to see how differently the artists presented their work in an exhibition space. 

Huis Marsellie Photography museum


Outside Fashion

A display of Parisian fashion photography from 1900-1969, photos displayed which are usually held within the archives of the French fashion industry. Displaying photos of a period of time in which fashion photography began to venture out of the studio and into ‘exotic lands’ (in previous years fashion photos would imitate an outdoor scenario using a background). An overall interesting insight into the shift of fashion photography that we see in current day. 

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