Ellie Shepehrd

Simon Weldon Guest Lecture

Throughout a talk given by Simon Weldon he gave an insight into his ongoing project ‘to you all from us’. The project is being developed with the hopes of him mourning his father’s unfortunate passing, ‘to you all from us’ is in collaboration with Weldon’s father’s archival photos and his own photographs which respond to his fathers. The project involves self-portraits, recent letters which Weldon has written to his father and photography of his mother.  

Richard Page Guest Lecture

A talk given by photographer of 20 years Richard Page explained his ongoing project of 5 years ‘Dialogue of the dogs’ which is taken in and around Spain. Page spoke of his inspiration, quoting ‘Don Quixote’, established on the idea of what two dogs would speak of if given the ability of speech for one night and speaking of how his images allude to something being there that cannot be photographed, his work is his own development of trying to dig something up from the past. 

Nicola Shipley Guest Lecture

Nicola Shipley Director of Grain Photography gave a talk explaining the work in which she carries out for the organisation and her own background relating to photography. Nicola and Grain work together with emerging photographers, often newly graduated students in order for them to gain opportunity’s and grow as artists, such as being involved in exhibitions or having exhibitions of their own. The organisation have worked with photographers such as Arpita Shah, Mathew Murrey, Helen Marshall and many more. The organisation also runs a youth programme for 6-16 year olds, weekly visits are made for progression and there is even an exhibition at the end, this is giving younger generations the opportunity to get involved with the photographic community.  

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